Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry brings back diamonds from Antwerp

Press release

Traci and Jackie Wilkes of Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry in Athens recently returned from a buying trip to the Diamond Capital of the World, Antwerp, Belgium. While there, they had the unique opportunity to examine huge parcels of exquisitely cut diamonds to find the very best selections for their inventory.

Pictured above, Traci Wilkes checks a diamond for sale to one of their customers. “We hand-select each and every diamond that comes into our store,” Wilkes says. “Some people think one can look at a piece of paper on the internet and select a stone, but there’s no way to tell if that stone has fire, has life – I need it to say something to me. If I’m going to put my name and my reputation behind a diamond, I’m going to be certain it’s the quality for which Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry is known.”

Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry has direct access to five of the world’s finest Antwerp diamond suppliers as the area’s exclusive Master IJO Jeweler member of the Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO), an international Buying Group and Educational Organization for retail jewelers. IJO has more than 700 members in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and maintains buying offices in Antwerp for the use of its members.

“It is generally out of reach for a single jewelry store or small chain to buy direct in Antwerp”, said Jackie Wilkes. “One of the benefits of our IJO membership is that we become a direct importer of Antwerp diamonds and can save our customers the normal middleman’s fee. We are excited about opening a window on the international diamond market and look forward to making some diamond dreams come true for our customers!”

According to IJO President & CEO Jeff Roberts, “Antwerp has been a focus of the diamond trade for almost 600 years, and about 84% of the world’s rough passes through the district, making it the largest in the world. I’m proud to be able to give our members an edge in their market areas by offering the ability to buy directly from the diamond cutters themselves, and to continue their tradition of the finest quality available.”

Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry has access to an array of diamonds to fit anyone’s occasion, taste and budget. Stop by Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry in Athens today to take a look at the most beautiful diamonds in the world at exceptional values.