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  1. Well i want to comment bout something that happen friday night at apartment complex my friend stay in…. I was visting a friend in athens texas on friday 4-25-14 @ townview apartment around midnight there were two fire trucks that came because sum girl boyfriend tried setting her apartment on fire… It seem to have been bad cuz the smaller truck hook there hose to the fire hydrant… Why r women that cant afford to pay there own rent let these no good dope dealing dnt have a job men in there home n lay up n do this type of damage… I mean alot of people could have been hurt r possible killed if he was successful… Then after it was said n done the young lady let him bck in her home after the firman had left n was down there sunday as well…. N from what i hear there manger is the lady thats over HUD Section 8 let this happen cuz as word of mouth spread others say she been kick out so many other places becauze of things like this… Why do they still get free housing r reduce rent still im pretty sure he is a convicted felony do we just see what we want this is abusing the system….. I feel if i was from thus time i would want to investigate the people thats over Section 8 hud housing…. Seem as many was talking that the worker have a close stuff like this seem like a lot fraud with Housing in athens as sum was talking as they watch the firman bring insulation out the house that its a pick n choose who get housing hud r section 8.. Because the two lady that work in that office r related… My concern is the danger this could have cuz…. N as i watch on with my friend that i was visting sumone said that those were the best apartments to live in .. At one time.. Glad she in the process of moving… Just want to voice my concern as i was on my way bck home to Austin what really hit hard was there was two small ones in the home look to be no more than 2 n 1 years old… I understand that women lie n say they didnt r wnt file chards on them but Cleary the manger can put a no trespassing on the subject weather r not charges r files by the girlfriend… Safety for her children should be a councern as well …. Instead of sitting back n letting something really bad happens ….

    1. I agree with the two women in the office needs to be investigated they should have been investigated a long time ago like in the late 1900’s.

  2. If anyone in the Athens area knows of any good machanics or shop that are good with engine rebuilding I would like to know. Have a 2012 Gmc Acadia that needs engine work. Would do the work myself but need a hoist in order to drop engine. Send me your reviews.

    Thanks Rick.


  3. I am concerned over how disrespectful our sherrifs dept has become and the way they conduct themselves around the citizens in this county. I had to call 3 of them down recently because they were loud and dropping F bombs in a restraunt around women, children, and my grandma. Then on Tuesday night while waiting to visit a friend in the Henderson county jail, I watched a young lady rush in to sign in to visit a loved one and the officer had the sign in sheet in his hand and the officer wouldn’t let her sign in because she was two minutes after 8:00. The young lady said she had called and had the child of the prisoner waiting outside but the officer grinned and walked away. It was disrespectful.. the Sherrif needs to get a grip on his employees. If they want respect then they need to give respect.

    1. Amen that just goes as saying their is always a couple rotten apples that spoil the whole basket some are their just for the paycheck my wife’s nieces husband works for Desoto Texas police and does a great job and loves his work I have the utmost respect for police and sheriffs but some just need too be taken out behind the barn and given the what for

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