Sheriff’s drug raid ends with four arrests

Press release

Sheriff Botie Hillhouse’s anti-drug squad raided an Athens residence early Friday morning and arrested four suspects with a substantial amount of methamphetamines.

“Breaking up this ring inside Athens helps stop the drug flow,” Hillhouse said. “Fewer customers mean fewer sales for dealers spreading their poison.”

In fact, the Sheriff said, one of the suspects arrested was a wanted felon who law enforcement officers were after for engaging in organized crime.

The raid was conducted at a residence on Tillison Street in Athens at approxiamtely 3:10 a.m.

Oland Kellum, 22, of Athens was charged with that outstanding warrant and arrested for possession of a substantial amount of meth.

Michael Kellum, 24, also of Athens was also charged with possession, and after he was in jail, more of the contraband was found on him.

He now faces additional charges for tampering with physical evidence and bringing a prohibited substance into a correctional facility.

Back at the scene, Scott Yager, 30 of Payne Springs was arrested for possession, and Tandell Faires, 33, of Malakoff was placed into custody for the same crime.

It was Narcotics Investigators Kenneth Slaton, Wayne Nutt and Gabriel Shue who led the execution of the search warrant signed by Justice of the Peace Randy Daniel.

Hillhouse sent Investigator Cynthia Clements and Deputies Matt Jistel and David Robertson to assist. Athens Police Department Officers also aided in the investigation.