Others Talking: Long Cove Golf Course in Golf Digest

The Proving Grounds
The Proving Grounds

By Michael V. Hannigan

The golf course at Long Cove, just outside Malakoff, received a mention in a Golf Digest story about reversible courses last week.

The story is about the possibility of a reversible 18-hole course being designed in Michigan.

Long Cove’s course, called “The Proving Grounds,” was mentioned along with a handful of other reversible 9-hole courses already in existence.

The flexibility of The Proving Grounds is what fascinates me.

“… (T)here is no tee sheet, no starter on the first tee at the Proving Grounds, not even a clubhouse. In a sense there really isn’t a “first tee,” since you can pretty much start where you want; play from any spot you want, to any green you want.”

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