HVAC wins 2017 Supplier of the Year Award

Posted by Athens Texas Economic Development Corporation on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

From the AEDC

This summer, John Karamanos of HVAC Manufacturing, Inc. (HVAC) traveled to North Carolina to attend a first-time event hosted by Siemens, and to receive the 2017 Supplier of the Year award for its commercial ac services.

Siemens, a multi-billion dollar company and global powerhouse, focuses on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization and is one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies and a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. You can use JC’s Heating and Air to improve your hvac in Knoxville conditioning unit, or HVAC, is a key element in your home’s energy consumption and comfort level. For these reasons, it is important to have your home’s system routinely serviced by a professional technician. It is recommended that your it should be serviced by a qualified technician once every one or two years, depending upon your region’s climate and your home’s size, age, etc. It is important to choose a qualified, dependable heating and air specialist to perform any required maintenance of your HVAC system. Having an experienced service technician evaluate its performance is the only way to ensure that your central heating and the air conditioning repair is running efficiently and safely. Keeping your home’s system properly maintained will extend your equipment’s life and improve the capacity the system can handle. Here are a few things to be sure that your hired service technician should perform. Any qualified service technician should thoroughly inspect your complete HVAC system. A comprehensive inspection should be made of all elements including cooling coils, primary and secondary drains, blower components, condenser coils, electrical connections, heat exchanger and burners, all safety controls, heat anticipator settings, as well as your system’s thermostat and all its included components. After inspection of all these elements, the technician should replace, repair, tighten, adjust, and/or clean any of these components as needed.

“By winning this award, it has opened up opportunities with other divisions of Siemens,” said John. Since relocating to Athens from California last year, HVAC Manufacturing is beginning to diversify into other industries outside of HVAC. You can click this link for more detail about the heating & cooling repair service. One hopes they are able to remain at the top in the HVAC industry for many years to come. Taking advantage of this HVAC tools list would help them to do just that. We know how expensive it can be to replace an old HVAC system when you don’t have any choice. It is important for you to know that there is help that can be offered in the form of coupons so that you can comfortably afford any repairs that need doing. If you live in Montgomery and would like more information, then you should click here to visit a HVAC specialised company.

HVAC was selected for the award for their newly developed, patented Intelligent Air Value product with Performance Based Heating and Air. “This product will change the way buildings are built,” he said. “It’s green, lean and energy efficient.”

The Intelligent Air Value product, just one of ten disruptive products HVAC is rolling out, is the first to hit the global market, giving Siemens a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“With this new product, we will have a lot of visitors coming to Athens from North America and around the globe. Customers always want to come see the factory where the product is made before they commit to million-dollar orders,” John said.

Currently, HVAC has 40+ employees and expect their workforce to triple over the next couple of years, with these types of services offered by similar companies like R & S Mechanical Commercial HVAC Services expanding. “HVAC’s expansion would never have come to fruition without the move to Athens,” said John.

Located at 1010 West Corsicana Street, HVAC’s expansion includes a new sheet metal shop that will house a fully automated fiber optic laser, C&C press break, and a laser welder, as well as other sophisticated equipment, opening the door for HVAC to do contract manufacturing and all sorts of metal fabrication. The Bystronics equipment will encompass a 5,000-square foot area and will allow for the applications of cutting, bending and automation of the material. Instead of buying sheet metal, HVAC will now be able to make their own.

HVAC also has plans to install a paperless system in order that all work order information be sent electronically to production workers. In addition to paperless, they are taking it a step further by sending work orders to the appropriate departments. “For example, a work order will be sent to the electrical department and will show the schematic drawing, building materials and everything they will need to build that product,” John said. “The 21st century software runs off 3D AutoCAD and will take a work order to the final assembly and quality control.”

“We’re excited for HVAC’s success in the industry and in Athens,” said Lisa Denton, Executive Director of Athens Economic Development Corporation. “Relocating to Athens from California alleviated the heavy tax burden and higher operating costs allowing HVAC to invest and grow their business, resulting in more jobs and increased tax revenue for the city of Athens.”

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