Councilwoman floats idea for library at the Cain Center

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

The Athens City Council approved the budget and direction for the Cain Center rehabilitation project last Friday, but also set aside 30 days to explore a brand new idea for the center.

Athens council makes decision on Cain Center project

Councilwoman Toni Garrard Clay said, “This is going to be something out of the blue for a lot of people.”

She then went on to “float the idea

4 thoughts on “Councilwoman floats idea for library at the Cain Center”

  1. I have always thought of a Library to be a place for quietness and concentration. Not sure a public swimming pool in close proximity to a public library would fit very well together. In addition I would think that a second floor is going to add a lot to the cost of
    what is already a considerable amount. The weight that an additional floor would add might very well over stress the foundation as originally constructed. Perhaps the City could work out something with the County to provide the ground for the erection of a new library building.

    1. I’m assuming the second floor they are considering is the current second floor, where there are meeting rooms right now.

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