TVCC Sports Notes on the Road: Lady Cards have the day off

By Benny Rogers, TVCC Sports Information

After surviving a scare in their opening game at the 2013 NJCAA Women’s National Basketball Tournament, the Lady Cardinals have a day off today. They’ll use it to begin preparing for a fourth meeting this season with Blinn College in the quarterfinals Thursday at 1 p.m.

The Lady Cardinals (33-1), the tournament’s top seed and defending national champion, fell behind 20-6 to 16th-seeded Weatherford in the opening minutes Tuesday afternoon before rallying for a 75-70 win. It improved their season record to 33-1 and closed Weatherford’s season at 25-6. The Lady Cardinals were a 93-69 winner against Weatherford back in November.

Shannon Smith pumped in 20 points to lead the Lady Cardinals. Krystle Henderson added 13 and Adut Bulgak and Roddricka Patton netted 10 each. Shlonte’ Allen finished with nine.

Bulgak had a big game on the boards, grabbing 15 rebounds.

The Lady Cardinals hit 9 of 26 three-point attempts.

Blinn (32-3), the tournament’s No. 9 seed, advanced to Thursday’s quarterfinal matchup against the Lady Cardinals with a 79-72 win versus No. 8 seed Darton State.

As the 24-team, single-elimination tournament (for the first time), moves into its third day and the non-Texas side of the bracket, four teams will play their first games. Today’s games are Central Arizona vs. Crowder, 1 p.m.; Southern Idaho vs. Chipola, 3 p.m.; Hutchinson vs. ASA, 5 p.m.; Walters State vs. Northwest Florida, 7 p.m.

Here are the seeds of the teams remaining in the tournament: TVCC (1), Central Arizona (2), Hutchinson (3), Gulf Coast (4), Shelton State (5), Walters State (6), Southern Idaho (7), Blinn (9), Chipola (10), Northwest Florida (11), Crowder (15), and ASA (19). Central Arizona, Hutchinson, Shelton State and Walters State have yet to play a game.

In Tuesday’s other games, it was: ASA 74, Western Nebraska 68; Northwest Florida 57, Itawamba 46; Gulf Coast 62, Midland 57; and Shelton State 72, Williston State 57.

Tuesday’s win against Weatherford ran the Lady Cardinals’ national tournament record to 50-16.

Like they always do, Cardinal cheerleaders and the Cardinal Regiment Pep Band livened up the Bicentennial Center. With their presence and peformances, comments along press row were how much it had given the event a big-time feel.

Texas A&M head women’s basketball coach Gary Blair was in attendance at Tuesday’s games, as was Oklahoma State head women’s coach Jim Littell. Word is that Texas head women’s basketball coach Karen Aston will also be making an appearance at the event.

Also on hand for the Lady Cardinals’ game were John and Mary Margaret Budke, the parents of Kurt Budke, the former Lady Cardinal, Louisiana Tech and Oklahoma State coach, who was killed in a plane crash in November of 2011. The Budkes are regulars at the tournament, which has been played in their hometown of Salina since 1998.

All Lady Cardinal tournament games will be available for viewing online at In fact, all tournament games will be webcast. Also, for audio only, you can hear the games at

You can also keep up with the Lady Cardinals at the tournament in the Athens Daily Review. Joe Elerson is in Salina for the Review. Check it out online at

Also, follow updates on the Lady Cardinals on Twitter at @TVCCsports.

It’s 25 and clear in Salina this morning. The high is expected to reach 52 today, which will make it the warmest day the rest of the week. Thursday’s high is forecast to be 48 with a 30 percent chance of rain. Rain/snow shower are still in the forecast for Friday and Saturday with highs in the upper 30s.

To all our family and friends back home, resume breathing. The Lady Cardinals are alive and well.

HCLS Results: Horse Show – Speed Events

HCLS Horse Show – Speed Events

Junior High Point: Kristin House

Senior High Point: Payton Collins

Clover 13

  1. Kristin House
  2. Gracey Pitchford
  3. Kennison Johnston
  4. Mary Lorene Gould
  5. Brianna Arden
  6. Maddison Feagins
  7. Brooke Berry
  8. Kinsey Feagins
  9. Courtni Skiles
  10. Aspen Odom
  11. Karlie Watson
  12. Kyleigh White
  13. Morgan Gould
  14. Laynee Spivey

Clover 14

  1. Caridad Aguilera
  2. Payton Collins
  3. Kayleigh Taylor
  4. Grace Anne Klecka
  5. Adrianne Kinabreu
  6. Allison Dalrymple
  7. Samantha Crocker
  8. Savannah Meider
  9. Shaelyn Baker
  10. Keely McKinney
  11. Madison Lewis

Pee Wee Straight Away

Laney Almon
Ally Odom
Mercy Baker

Straight Away 13

  1. Kristin House
  2. Kinsey Feagins
  3. Kennison Johnston
  4. Courtni Skiles
  5. Maddison Feagins
  6. Gracey Pitchford
  7. Brianna Arden
  8. Karlie Watson
  9. Brooke Berry
  10. Kyleigh White
  11. Mary Lorene Gould
  12. Aspen Odom
  13. Laynee Spivey
  14. Morgan Gould

Straight Away 14

  1. Caridad Aguilera
  2. Grace Anne Klecka
  3. Payton Collins
  4. Savannah Meider
  5. Adrianne Kinabreu
  6. Samantha Crocker
  7. Shaelyn Baker
  8. Keely McKinney
  9. Kayleigh Taylor

Flag 13

  1. Kristin House
  2. Karlie Watson
  3. Maddison Feagins
  4. Kennison Johnston
  5. Gracey Pitchford
  6. Kinsey Feagins
  7. Courtni Skiles
  8. Brooke Berry
  9. Aspen Odom
  10. Morgan Gould
  11. Laynee Spivey
  12. Mary Lorene Gould
  13. Brianna Arden

Flag 14

  1. Payton Collins
  2. Adrianne Kinabreu
  3. Keely McKinney
  4. Grace Anne Klecka
  5. Caridad Aguilera
  6. Shaelyn Baker
  7. Savannah Meider

Poles 13

  1. Kristin House
  2. Kennison Johnston
  3. Courtni Skiles
  4. Karlie Watson
  5. Kinsey Feagins
  6. Mary Lorene Gould
  7. Brooke Berry
  8. Brianna Arden
  9. Morgan Gould
  10. Aspen Odom
  11. Laynee Spivey
  12. Gracey Pitchford
  13. Maddison Feagins

Poles 14

  1. Grace Anne Klecka
  2. Adrianne Kinabreu
  3. Payton Collins
  4. Kayleigh Taylor
  5. Caridad Aguilera
  6. Shaelyn Baker
  7. Keely McKinney
  8. Savannah Meider
  9. Madison Lewis

Fly W 13

  1. Kristin House
  2. Karlie Watson
  3. Brianna Arden
  4. Kennison Johnston
  5. Brooke Berry
  6. Courtni Skiles
  7. Gracey Pitchford
  8. Aspen Odom
  9. Kinsey Feagins
  10. Laynee Spivey

Fly W 14

  1. Caridad Aguilera
  2. Adrianne Kinabreu
  3. Payton Collins
  4. Grace Anne Klecka
  5. Shaelyn Baker
  6. Keely McKinney
  7. Kayleigh Taylor

Sand Flat Cemetery Association honored


Today, officers from the Sand Flat Cemetery Association were honored on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives to commemorate the placement of an Official Texas Historical Marker for Sand Flat Cemetery near Athens. State Rep. Lance Gooden and the Texas House of Representatives celebrated the history of Sand Flat cemetery with George Jones, Cynthia Jones, Ivory Joe Givens and Shirley Givens. Pictured with them is Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

Chariot begins shuttle service in Athens


The Athens Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for the new Chariot shuttle service. (MICHAEL V. HANNIGAN PHOTO)
The Athens Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for the new Chariot shuttle service. (MICHAEL V. HANNIGAN PHOTO)

The Chariot Bus Lines is expanding to include a shuttle service inside the city of Athens starting Friday, March 1.

The Monday-Friday service will run twice in the morning, hitting the major apartment complexes in the city before heading to business centers. The route will be reversed in the evenings.

Tentative morning pickup times include:

To get to work by 7 a.m.

  • 5:45 – Village Apartments
  • 5:50 – Summit Apartments
  • 5:55 – North Loop Apartments
  • 6:00 – New Haven
  • 6:05 – West Highland
  • 6:10 – Victoria Place
  • 6:15 – TVCC
  • 6:20 – ETMC Hospital
  • 6:25 – Fairview Apartments
  • 6:30 – Townview Apartments
  • Headed to Job Sites

To get to work by 8 a.m.

  • 6:45 – Village Apartments
  • 6:50 – Summit Apartments
  • 6:55 – North Loop Apartments
  • 7:00 – New Haven
  • 7:05 – West Highland
  • 7:10 – Victoria Place
  • 7:15 – TVCC
  • 7:20 – ETMC Hospital
  • 7:25 – Fairview Apartments
  • 7:30 – Townview Apartments
  • Headed to Job Sites

Cost is $2 per trip.

The new shuttle service was honored Thursday, Feb. 28, with a ribbon cutting at the Athens Chamber of Commerce.

Chariot is a ministry of Gates Community Church in Athens, and is the brainchild of the Rev. Alan Coleman and Helen Thornton, who is the vice chairman of the East Texas Transportation and Steering Committee.

For the past five months, Chariot has been running a Monday-Friday route from Athens to Tyler.

Coleman said Chariot expanded because of requests from the community.

I wrote about the Chariot, including why a pastor and church would get involved, when the bus line opened. You can read about that, here.