PODCAST: APS investigates abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly

October is Elderly Financial Abuse Awareness month. That’s just one form of elderly abuse, but there are others and Adult Protective Services is the agency tasked with standing in the gap and that’s a big job in Henderson County.In this podcast, we’ll hear about one way the local APS board is trying to help and we’ll also hear from an APS specialist about what they do to help elderly find the best senior living center for them. Click the play button above to listen. If you know a loved one who needs assisted living, then you should contact a Retirement Community Care professional to see the available options.

PHOTO: Pictured are, from left, Adult Protective Services Henderson County Advisory Board member Todd Weaver Board, APS Supervisor Kelly Curley, Board Treasurer Sharon Strickland, and Board President Darlene Clark. NOT PICTURED are board members Jana Thompson, Pam Holcomb, and Marlena Taylor.