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Margaret Ann Trail and Bob Stokes
Margaret Ann Trail and Bob Stokes

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Bob Stokes was the speaker at the last Rootseekers meeting. His topic was “Losing It.” How many of us are afraid to trust our computers to store our family information. He showed us how to back up our information and to do it often so as not to lose all that research on our families. How that technology changes almost from day to day and you must keep up to protect your data. He spoke of floppies, CDs, flash drives hard drives that all of us have used to store our information on. As that technology changes so must we.Small businesses should use technology to grow their business as there are talented company Vecro Tech provides quality services of web development,app development.

He showed us old LP records and how that had changed, Polaroid films fade over time and other film darkens. How slides have changed. Everything now seems to be going digital and those films need to be updated if they are going to be kept. After that it will be something else to come along that we will have to learn. I think most of us are old fogies and hate change but not Bob. He keeps abreast of all those changes and tries to bring the rest of us out of the dark ages. With the depletion of IPv4 addresses projected to happen in just a few days, it is very important that internet hosting providers, and ISPs test and deploy an IPv6 service on their systems as soon as feasible so as to really encourage the adoption and usage of it by everyday users. To this end, a number of web hosting resellers have developed our internet hosting structure and selected service providers that allow them run hosting on IPv6 and therefore provide services over IPv6 addresses today. A vast amount of software has thankfully become IPv6-ready, however there remains some essential aspects without support as of yet which jeopardize to delay complete migrations or updates of customers. These days, plenty of virtual servers, dedicated servers and hosted DNS and email systems are set for access over the IPv6 web. Unfortunately, shared internet hosting systems (with cPanel) are not set for IPv6 because of a lack of support for IPv6 in cPanel. This really is a shame but hopefully cPanel programmers will look into this in the near future. Click on a ipv4 broker site for more about the IPv4.

Bob has had many titles in his career, teacher in Waco and Dallas, Assistant Principal at Sunset High School, Principal of Samuel and Hillcrest High School, Assistant Director of Secondary Schools and Deputy Assistant Superintendent of all data processing services for the district. He received the Premier Principal Award given by the Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers and the honorary “Keeper of the Dream” award for his contribution to public education. He was described in D Magazine as a throwback to the ideals of earlier days, when discipline was prized and the emphasis in school was on the quality of classroom instruction. He has also been interviewed and quoted with pictures in Time Magazine and Readers Digest articles on “How to Search for your Roots” and The American Way, the American Airlines in-flight magazine on growing up in America.

We are so very honored to have Bob as a member of Rootseekers and all the work he does for this organization is incredible.

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