Podcast: Council discusses new direction for Cain Center

Two years into the process, the Athens City Council is still debating the proper direction for the Cain Center rehabilitation project. Tuesday, Oct. 30, the council met and revealed a wide difference of opinion among members about how much the project could cost taxpayers. There is also now a minimalist operations plan that may be the Cain Center’s last hope.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Council discusses new direction for Cain Center”

  1. Too bad the money spent for the Texan didn’t go for CC first…As far is the Police Station, aren’t there too many vacant buildings in Athens suitable for this? Rather than build a new building?

  2. Did the City Manager speak correctly? She only referenced $5.5m in Cert. of Obligation money for the Cain Center. Wasn’t $12m available? If $2m went toward the Texan, where was the $4.5m balance spent? (12-2-5.5=4.5)

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