Missing Man Killed in Apparent Traffic Accident

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On Wednesday, July 22, at approximately 9:20 a.m., the Eustace Police Department was notified of a blue F150 Ford truck on the side of Highway 175 in Eustace in a drainage ditch. The vehicle was obscured by 10 to 12 foot weeds and canes and was located by TxDOT mowing crews. The personal injury lawyer in charge of this case said It appeared to be a traffic accident. According to an auto accident representation if you were involved in a serious trucking accident, and the accident involved a semi-truck or big rig crash you may be able to conclusively prove that the big rig crash was the fault of the trucker. If that is the case, and they are responsible, then the driver or his or her company could be held liable for your injuries from a big rig accident. The 18-wheeler accident lawyer in texas provide legal advice to injured person. An auto accident can be the biggest disaster in a person’s life. If the accident is not handled by an experienced accident attorney, the devastating effects can be compounded. When a car accident case is handled improperly, the injury victim is often left in a lifetime of despair. Fortunately, with a little research accident victims can find an experienced accident attorney to help them. Retaining the right attorney can make a big difference in the value of a case, especially if a particular attorney is willing and able to present case evidence in a method that maximizes the client’s financial benefit. Good accident attorneys leave no stone alone in an assessment of possible negligent parties in an accident involving their auto accident injury law. Claims are always assessed for compensatory and punitive damage amounts, and the courts will routinely assign percentages of fault in cases with multiple respondents.

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There was one deceased occupant inside the vehicle which was tentatively identified as Keith Allen Beasley.

Henderson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Kevin Pollock was contacted and conducted the inquest. Pollock ordered the body to be sent to American Forensics in Dallas for an autopsy.

Beasley had been reported as a missing person to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office on July 16.

The Eustace Police Department is conducting the investigation in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Henderson County District Attorney’s Office, and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.

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