Marianne Warren announces run for 392nd District Court Judge

Marianne Warren
Marianne Warren

Press release

Marianne T. Warren, longtime Athens attorney, announces her candidacy for Judge of the 392nd District Court of Henderson County, Texas.

Ms. Warren has practiced law primarily in the areas of family law and criminal law in Athens for the past 21 years. She is board certified in family law in by the Texas Board of Specialization, a distinction shared by less than 1 percent of all attorneys in the state of Texas. She is the only attorney board certified in family law in Henderson County and has been since 2003.

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Ms. Warren has been a solo practitioner since 2008. Prior to that time, she was an equal partner in the law firm of Boswell, Warren, Williams and Youngblood with attorneys Allen Boswell, Scott Williams (currently Judge of County Court at Law No. 1) and John Youngblood.

Ms. Warren graduated in 1992 from Tulane Law School in New Orleans where she was the recipient of the Phelps Dunbar Scholarship. While in law school, she worked as a law clerk for the law firm of Martzell, Thomas & Bickford, primarily in civil litigation, and then in the office of the New Orleans District Attorney, Harry Connick, Sr. After graduation, she moved to Austin, Texas where she worked as an Associate with a Civil Litigation attorney in downtown Austin.

Ms. Warren is the mother of four children, ages 15 to 22, and a beautiful 17-month-old granddaughter. Her oldest son and only daughter are currently a senior and a sophomore at the University of Texas in Austin. Her third child is taking courses at TVCC. The youngest is a sophomore at Eustace High School. With only one child left at home, it would seem life would slow down a bit. Not so! The 15-year-old runs on the varsity cross country team of Eustace high school, plays percussion in the Bulldog band, and is also on the debate team. Even with her hectic schedule, Ms. Warren has found time to serve as a Board member for Angel Keepers preschool for the past 18 years. She has been past Secretary, Vice-President and President of the Henderson County Bar Association. She received an award from CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Trinity Valley for her work with children in the court system.

She has been married to Ray Clapp for almost three years, a semi-retired private equities investor formerly of Dallas. With Ray came the extra blessing of two step-sons, ages 21 and 23. The oldest graduated from Texas A&M and is now an officer in the Marine Corps, Infantry Division, stationed in 29 Palms, CA. The youngest also attended A&M and is working at his dream job at Nintendo in Seattle, WA.

Ms. Warren is the daughter of Major Raymond H. Traywick, a World War II veteran who retired after a career as a pilot in the Air Force, and Betty Fields Traywick, a homemaker, both deceased. She grew up in Alabama after her father retired and obtained her undergraduate degree from Auburn University in 1985. Her extended family resides in Alabama.

“With my extended family far away, the wonderful family I have had these past 21 years in Athens, Texas has been my church family at Eastern Hills Church of Christ. This church has the most wonderful group of women as I have ever met. I attend a ladies’ bible class on Wednesday nights and have completed a few studies in that class authored by Priscilla Shirer, currently starring in the movie “War Room.” In Ms. Shirer’s study of Jonah we discussed last spring, she challenged us to find our “Nineveh;” to ask ourselves “Where is God calling us to go?” and “What is God calling us to do?” I gave this much thought and prayer. About that time I learned Judge Carter Tarrance was most likely not seeking an additional term as Judge of the 392nd District Court. I have never before had political aspirations or a desire to be involved in the political process, but it became clear to me that running for this office was what I was being called to do.”

“Part of my decision to run for this office is based on the current environment in which attacking Christianity has become a worldwide concern. I believe it is more important than ever to have a Judge with conservative, Christian values, who serves God and will seek his guidance in every decision that is made. My desire and intent is to be such a Judge. I go into this campaign with the attitude expressed in Philippians 2:3: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” I see the position of District Judge not as a position of power but, rather, a position of responsibility. I believe in treating everyone equally with respect and dignity, whether plaintiff or defendant, victim or accused, as well as the attorneys who would come into my court. The courtroom can be an intimidating place and a Judge does not need to make it more so.”

“I also believe a courtroom should be run as efficiently as possible. In my 23 years’ experience as an attorney and three additional years as a law student, I have had the opportunity to view courts in New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; and throughout East Texas, for both civil and criminal cases. I have learned how a court can be run more efficiently. There is wasted expense both to the county as well as individuals missing work, clients who are paying their attorneys by the hour, and attorneys who forego work on other cases when there is wasted time waiting in a courtroom. I will make the efficiency of the court my priority.”

“I have much respect for Judge Tarrance. I was present when he was sworn in by now retired Judge Jack Holland as the first Judge of the newly created 392nd Judicial Court. I have learned much from his example. He has advised my first juvenile client to sit down and eat breakfast with her family; he has encouraged my criminal clients by telling them he knows they can do better; and he has implored my clients getting divorced with the help from this divorce attorney services to fight over their children to work out their differences before hashing it out in the courtroom. While he does not hesitate to make tough decisions, he shows compassion for the people who come before him. While I do not expect to not be exactly like Judge Tarrance as a District Judge, those are characteristics I hope to emulate.”

“I look forward to this opportunity.”

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