Intensity high as TVCC Cards in shells for the first time

A lot of good 1-on-1 battles at @tvccfootball practice Tuesday.

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By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

The Trinity Valley Community College Cardinals were in shells and shorts for the first time Tuesday, which meant there was an increase in contact on the practice field.

“Everybody looks good in shorts and helmets and everybody talks a good game,” said Smiley, “but when you’ve got to strap up and put a mouthpiece in and somebody is hitting you back, it is a whole different story.”

Smiley said he’s been happy with the team’s intensity even before the hitting ramped up.

“(Monday) was probably the best Day 2 I’ve been around,” he said, “it was fun. Guys were competing and chanting on both sides of the line and having fun with it.”

The intensity promises to go up another level Wednesday when the Cards are in full pads and are tackling to the ground for the first time.

Listen to our interview with the coach below.

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