County jail passes state inspection

Sheriff Botie Hillhouse

Press release

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspected and approved of the operation of the Henderson County Jail following its recent unannounced review late last week.

“These inspectors are tough,” Hillhouse said. “The professionalism of our staff, the way they conduct themselves year round and their consistency keeps this facility in compliance.

“I thank each of the supervisors, jailers and entire staff for their fine work that keeps this operation running smoothly,” he said.

Commission Inspector performs a top-to-bottom inspection.

Every aspect of the jail is reviewed including maintenance records, general paperwork, medical records, mental health reports, logs and time-check records.

“It is a comprehensive, two-day inspection that leaves no stone unturned,” Hillhouse said.

The Commission was created by the Legislature in 1975 to ensure facilities conform to standards of construction, maintenance and operation.

This is the second consecutive year since Hillhouse became Sheriff that the Commission has conducted its surprise inspection and approved of the facility’s operation.

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