City of Athens to increase citizen collection station fees

Press release

On Monday, September 10, the City Council of the City of Athens voted to change the Citizen Collection Station fees charged by the City, effective October 1, 2018.

“While the costs to operate the collection station have increased annually, the fees for residents to dispose of their waste at the station have not changed in over 20 years,” said Interim Director of Development Services Ryan Adams. “Our goal in adjusting the fees is to have a greater cost recovery for the station by those who use it so that less of the cost burden of its operation is put on the taxpayers.”

City staff performed a financial analysis to determine the true cost of operating the station. “Site maintenance, rental and disposal of the garbage containers, staffing, and other factors all had to be considered, “ Adams continued. “We then worked to set user fees at a level where close to half of the cost of operating the station would come from those users.”

The Collection Station fees will double for most categories. The new categories and fees are:

  • Car: $6.00
  • Truck: $16.00
  • Truck with Sideboards: $32.00
  • Other (per cubic yard): $12.00/cu3

For questions about the new collection station fees, please contact the Development Services Department at 903-677-6615 or

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