Chandler businesses join rock movement

Rocks painted by employees of Stillwater Farm Market, Stillwater Dairy Shop and Hula Shack are hidden around the property at 109 W. Main Street.

Press release

You may not have caught on yet, but those rocks you see painted with colorful pictures and messages of encouragement didn’t just get in that particular spot by chance.

Those rocks are called ‘kindness rocks.’ Citizens like you have picked up the idea that a good way to spread inspiration and kindness is through the sharing of rocks.

Yes, rocks. The Kindness Rocks Project was created to spread inspiration and a moment of kindness for unsuspecting recipients through random inspirational rocks dropped along the way. It began on the east coast near Cape Cod.

It has reached east Texas, and New Zealand and Germany and other European countries, and groups have started in Tyler and Chandler and Brownsboro.

Local businesses, Stillwater Farm Market Store, Stillwater Dairy Shop, and the Hula Shack, have joined the movement as well. Ronda Cade, general manager of the businesses, thought it was a great idea to spread positivity and encourage friends and neighbors. “Plus, on the backs of our rocks, if someone finds one and decides to keep one, he or she can return it to a specific store as listed for a nice treat.”

Rocks have been discovered all over Chandler – in parking lots, inside of businesses, near the playgrounds, churches and different places.

Once a rock has been found, there is a message on the back – for one to rehide or if they keep it to paint another one and hide it as well.

Connect with the Kindness Rocks groups in Chandler on Facebook – #StillwaterRocks and #Chandler/BBRocks.

If you find a rock, take a picture and post it to your social media and hashtag #TheKindnessRockProject and if you find one of the Stillwater rocks, hashtag it #StillwaterRocks and #ChandlerBBRocks.

Spreading kindness in any form is a good thing. Keep an eye out for the rocks – you never know where you might find a piece of encouragement.

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