Black History Month starts with a bang

Mt. Providence Baptist Church youth from Athens sign praises to the Lord while on the front row.

By Delanda S. Johnson/Special to HCN

As February kicks off with month long of events, the Henderson County Black History Committee first event was held Sunday, Feb. 4, with its annual “We Love Our Youth” program. The program was hosted by Rev. Zachary Jackson, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Malakoff. The National theme for Black History Month is “African-Americans in Times of War” with the subtheme, “If only.” (2 Samuel 23:13-17)

The program opened with Bro. Chauncey Hogg and H. C. B. H. C. member Bro. Derryl Jackson setting the atmosphere for a spirit filled event.
The youth of the Henderson County the participated were: Antioch Baptist Church/Malakoff, Mt. Providence Baptist Church/Athens, and Darty’s Temple C.O.G. I. C./Malakoff. All displayed their unique talents in serving the Lord.

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Sheriff’s Office closes down Malakoff game room

Press release

A game room in the Malakoff area was closed down by a team of Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office Thursday, and two people were arrested.

Sheriff Botie Hillhouse said law enforcement suspected the illegal activity was occurring at the Hippy Hut Game Room on State Highway 31 in Malakoff, and served a search warrant issued by 392nd District Court Judge Scott McKee.

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County is in moderate drought

It might be time to start praying for rain.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, Henderson County is currently in a moderate drought and the impact is being felt.

Earlier this week, the Henderson County Fire Marshal issued a statement saying we are in a period of “high fire danger.”

“The current fuel load and winds make it very dangerous to burn,” Fire Marshal Shane Renberg said.

In addition, the water level at Cedar Creek Lake is down almost 10 percent to 319.98 feet. The photos were taken today and show the lake from the SH 334 bridge near GBC City Hall.

According to the Tarrant Regional Water District daily reports, CCL is losing an average of 110 million gallons per day through evaporation this week. Those same reports show TRWD has not pumped any water out of the lake in at least the past 14 days.

There’s a small chance of rain possible on Saturday, but that is the only precipitation on the National Weather Service forecast.

Athens council makes decision on Cain Center project

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN
The Cain Center project has a budget.

After 2.5 hours of discussion and brainstorming Friday afternoon, the Athens City Council set a direction for the Cain Center.

The council unanimously voted to spend $5.8 million to go with a $2.5 million gift from the Cain Foundation to put the project budget at $8.3 million.

That budget allowed the council to put an additional $2.9 million toward water and/or wastewater projects.

The decision moves the project forward and allows the design team to get back to work.

With this budget, the design of the Cain Center very similar to its past, but with an updated, multipurpose pool and a new exercise area.

But that design could still change, although the budget would not.

Councilwoman Toni Garrard Clay floated the idea putting the Henderson County Clint W. Murchison Library on the upper floor of the Cain Center. The idea got a positive reception, but it was pointed out that there were complicating factors before it could become reality.

The council decided to take the next 30 days to explore if the library idea is feasible.