Opinion: The City of Athens needs a plan

By Michael Hannigan/HCN

The Athens City Council is facing tough decisions during a very tight budget year, according to officials.

There are a number of reasons the City finds itself in this place, but I have written about Athens city government off and on for more than 20 years and I believe there is one overriding issue. Our leaders and our citizens have never agreed on where we are going. There is no unifying vision on any level.

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Busy day in Athens has me looking ahead and behind at the same time

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

It’s been a special 24 hours in Athens.

Tuesday morning opened with the Athens Chamber of Commerce hosting the 55th annual Farm and Ranch tour. At noon, Athens ISD held a ribbon cutting to celebrate a radical overhaul of the district’s schools. The day ended with the City of Athens holding an open house at the new Texan Theater.

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5 things I think I think as we leave 2017

In September, LaPoynor ISD dropped off three bus-loads of hurricane relief supplies at the Help Center in Athens. (Michael V. Hannigan photo)

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCNow

Like any year, 2017 had its ups and downs, its celebrations and its tragedies.

In the past, I would spend the last week of December sorting the top stories according to the ones I thought were the most important. This year, however, I will leave that for others. Instead, here in no particular order are five things I think I think as we head into 2018.

People Still Care (Part I)

It is fashionable to think that charitable giving is a dying art, but people are still willing to give when there is a focal point to rally around.

In 2017, those rallying points came in the form of a hurricane in Houston and a tornado in Canton. Henderson County mobilized people and supplies to aid in both calamities.

And it isn’t just the big tragedies. Kevin Lilly’s McDonald’s — with a little help from Henderson County Now — raised thousands for this year’s Toys for Tots campaign. But it took someone standing in the drive-thru in the cold asking each passing car to get those donations.

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Opinion: Hensarling teaches one more lesson as he announces he won’t run

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

There is something to be said for knowing when to leave.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R) has been Henderson County’s Congressman since 2003, but his time as our representative in Washington is coming to an end. Tuesday, he announced he would not run for re-election in 2018.

In a statement on Facebook, Hensarling noted a desire to spend time with his family and wrote, “Although service in Congress remains the greatest privilege of my life, I never intended to make it a lifetime commitment, and I have already stayed far longer than I had originally planned.”

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Opinion: City of Athens and AMWA meeting a move in the right direction

What do you think ?By Michael V. Hannigan/HCNow

The Athens City Council and the Athens Municipal Water Authority (AMWA) Board of Directors met together Monday afternoon to discuss their “working relationship.”

There were times when the process got a little sticky but, at least from my vantage point, the two entities moved forward in a way that should encourage city residents.

Notably, the City and AMWA discussed taking steps toward getting the water well at the treatment plant functioning as needed and rearranging the chlorine line in the water treatment plant. According to officials, both those actions would help alleviate the troubles with haloacetic acids the system has had over the past year.

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