Around the Town: All about photos

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I need to talk to you about pictures. I’ll start by thanking the folks at the News for putting that big picture of me in my birthday shirt in the middle of my column last week. But I want to make sure you know I didn’t send them that big picture. I sent them that little picture of my niece Hilda Anding. It’s lovely of the paper people to do that, but if I had sent it, you might think I’m a little self-centered. You may still think that, and it could be true, but please don’t use those pictures as evidence.

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Around the Town: Birthdays get Loretta to remembering family

Hilda Anding

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

It is deadline time and I need to write something quick if I’m going to have a column for this week, so I guess I’ll resort to telling you today (June 19) is my birthday.

Precisely 80 years ago I was born in a house in the middle of those pecan trees across the road from where I live now. It was Father’s Day. They told me that everything on the place had babies that day. Story is baby chickens hatched, the cat had kittens, a cow had a calf, maybe there were even baby pigs involved. Surely this is an exaggeration, but all the people who were there other than me are gone now, so I guess I can tell it, however, I want to. I like to think there was something weird and special about my arrival, so I keep telling it.

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Bruce Bell sweeps Tyler District Car Show

By Delanda S. Johnson/Special to the HCN

On Saturday, June 9, the 4th Annual Car, Truck, & Motorcycle show was held at the Malakoff High School.

The Tyler District consists of approximately 30 churches, including Allen Chapel A. M. E. in Athens, Bethel A. M. E./Union Station A. M. E. in Moore Station, and Johnson Chapel A. M. E. in Malakoff.

Funds from this project will go toward helping the smaller churches in the District who need financial aid and community projects throughout the District. It will also go toward the YPD (youth) with their projects and aid them in attending youth conferences in Texas and outside of Texas.

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Around the Town: Adventuress of Lucy the Shitzu

Kristi and Kelly.

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

As I write this, Monday morning, 7:35 a.m., our Ireland trip girls are on a train from Brussels to Paris. The beauty of modern technology is that we can chat with them right in the middle of their adventures. We try to not distract them too much, but I just had something to share with Laken about her dog Lucy, who is staying with me. It is 2:35 p.m. there, she tells me.

I couldn’t wait to tell her what Lucy was up to. Lucy is a prissy solid white little Shitzu mix. Laken keeps her trimmed like a poodle. Her collar is pink with a bow with some rhinestones in the middle of it. I would be embarrassed to claim a prissy dog like that for my own, but since she is Laken’s I can just enjoy her. I laugh at her all the time. She cocks her head and stares at you with those big black eyes until you give in and let her have whatever she wants. But I had to draw the line on her running away with the cat.

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Around the Town: Learning about a new kind of marketing

Michael Hannigan teaching at Cedar Lake.

The Lead Pencil Society is just somebody’s dream group, I guess. I Googled it and didn’t find much. It is supposedly composed of folks who avoid technology—especially computers and therefore internet, like the plague. They want a slower, richer way of life. If there were such a group, and if my friend Jo Ann Surls was a joiner, she would be prime for membership. She has built that kind of life, lives in a beautiful, peaceful place, and she doesn’t need the distraction. I really admire her life. I wish mine was more like it. But it’s not. I’ve been struggling with computers and the internet almost since they became available to common folks, and I have never understood how to deal with them very well. But I keep struggling to sort of keep up. For one thing, I kind of like talking to you guys in my column both in the newspapers and on the internet. I got a kick out of it when a guy stopped me at the flea market and asked me if I’m the lady that got in trouble trying to save a turtle, and I like it when every now and then somebody comes up and jokingly tells me they just want to meet a celebrity. But there is also a business reason I need to try to keep up. Many of you know Doug Humble and I have owned Cedar Lake Nursing Home for 50 years now, and Cedar Lake Home Health and Hospice for 30 years.

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