Around the Town: Learning about a new kind of marketing

Michael Hannigan teaching at Cedar Lake.

The Lead Pencil Society is just somebody’s dream group, I guess. I Googled it and didn’t find much. It is supposedly composed of folks who avoid technology—especially computers and therefore internet, like the plague. They want a slower, richer way of life. If there were such a group, and if my friend Jo Ann Surls was a joiner, she would be prime for membership. She has built that kind of life, lives in a beautiful, peaceful place, and she doesn’t need the distraction. I really admire her life. I wish mine was more like it. But it’s not. I’ve been struggling with computers and the internet almost since they became available to common folks, and I have never understood how to deal with them very well. But I keep struggling to sort of keep up. For one thing, I kind of like talking to you guys in my column both in the newspapers and on the internet. I got a kick out of it when a guy stopped me at the flea market and asked me if I’m the lady that got in trouble trying to save a turtle, and I like it when every now and then somebody comes up and jokingly tells me they just want to meet a celebrity. But there is also a business reason I need to try to keep up. Many of you know Doug Humble and I have owned Cedar Lake Nursing Home for 50 years now, and Cedar Lake Home Health and Hospice for 30 years.

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MHS math teacher named to Dean’s Roundtable

Press release

The College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University will honor 21 transformational leaders at the 2018 Dean’s Roundtable to be held on Friday, May 4, at the Hildebrand Equine Complex in College Station, Texas.

Among those honored will be math teacher Barbara McCreary from Malakoff High School.

“Barbara McCreary is the best math teacher I have worked with in over twenty five years of education. She is truly deserving of this award, and many others,” said MHS Principal Martin Brumit.

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Around the Town: Looking for trees and talking to Jessica

Jessica Crye with Sam.

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

Do you have any trees you’d like to get rid of? Particularly any dead ones that aren’t rotten yet. However, Jimmy Carter might be interested in talking to you about whatever you have. If you have one that just recently fell down because of the wind and rain, he would probably like to look at it. Now these trees have to be big enough to make some boards out of, and they need to be fairly easy to get to. And for all I know there may be some kinds of trees don’t make good boards. I guess I could ask him that.

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Malakoff students inducted into National Honor Society

Malakoff High School’s National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony on Monday, March 26, 2018. President Cheyenne Robinson, along with officers Trinity Beck, Alyssa Taylor, and Eden White, as well as current members Abby Burns and Ari Tart, welcomed some of the best and brightest students of Malakoff High School into the National Honor Society.

Inductees are: Trinity Beck, Hayden Bradshaw, Bailey Burke, Colby Calhoun, Brenna Dixon, Wyatt Dixon, Adonia Dixon-Thomas, Evan Dunacusky, Madelynn Dunklin, Abbey Harris, Heather Hernandez, Michelle Khun, Ashley Lopez, Bailey Miller, Gabby Moreno, Shae Rimpel, Noah Russell, Joey White, Madison Wilbanks, and Pāton Willbanks.

Pictured are, front row from left, Joey White, Madison Wilbanks, Pāton Willbanks, Heather Hernandez, Gabby Moreno, and Bailey Miller; middle row from left, Michelle Khun, Madelynn Dunklin, Ashley Lopez, Bailey Burke, Abbey Harris, Brenna Dixon, Shae Rimpel, Trinity Beck, and Adonia Dixon-Thomas; back row from left, Wyatt Dixon, Evan Dunacusky, Noah Russell, Colby Calhoun, and Hayden Bradshaw. (Courtesy photo)

Around the Town: Lessons from the cow

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I passed that cow as on my way to town the other morning and laughed. Then I thought about it and turned around to try to get a picture. In my haste to catch her in the act, I kind of stopped in the road. Brandon Huls caught me at it and told me to stop playing in the road. The lighting wasn’t right, but I think you can get the idea. (By the way, she was not stuck. I watched her straighten up and turn around and go right back.)

I posted the picture on Facebook, saying I was thinking about a column about the grass always seeming greener, I got some good responses. My daughter Tina Norwood didn’t try to get a parable out of it. She suggested maybe the cow was looking for some grass that hadn’t been used for a bathroom.

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