Around the Town: Wedding highlights family history

Pepper and Jon.

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I love living in my little house on my portion of the old Walter Sims place. Most of the folks who knew it by that name are gone now, but I still like to call it that. I love it that Daddy’s great-grandson lives and operates a big part of the farm he loved and tended for so many years. And I particularly loved going across the road yesterday afternoon to watch my granddaughter Pepper get married in a big barn on a unique part of the old Sims place.

It was a beautiful wedding, meant to be outside, but the weather didn’t permit, so they moved inside the barn, and it was just perfect. Pepper is the daughter of my daughter and son-in-law, Tina and Randy Norwood, and the granddaughter of Billy and Betty Norwood, as well as Doug Humble Jr. and me. She just graduated from SMU, where of course she was brilliant, and did wonderful things, including helping to pay her way through school by working as a student manager for the girls’ basketball team. The coaches like her so well, they are keeping her till basketball season is over in March, after which she will embark on a career in advertising.

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Around the Town: Right Before Christmas There Still Was a Mouse

Making family Christmas decorations.

By Loretta Humble

It is right before Christmas, and all through my house, the creatures are stirring, including at least one more mouse. We got one of the little buggers in a great little trap I found on Amazon, and we sent him off with Shelly to find a new home somewhere not near anybody’s house. Shelly had come over to borrow my car. She helps arrange estate sales and she was in a hurry to meet a new client. She couldn’t use her own car because it was full of stuff from the last estate sale.

Carl got a lot of entertainment from that mouse. His recliner sits where he can see all the mouse action. It would come from under the dishwasher and run over to Bingo’s bowl, and take a chunk of dog food and run under the cabinet to eat it. Used to be, we hardly ever saw a mouse, and it was kind of cute when one showed up and started stealing dog food. We would watch him a while before we caught him and took him to the woods, usually before the cat got around to notice him.

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Around the Town: Working again with old friends

Debra Bacon, left, and Pat Hustead.

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I had the best time today! I went to Pat Hustead’s house to get together with her and Debra Bacon brainstorming about how to get that Cedar Lake Nursing Home website done. I have been struggling with the words, and trying to collect some pictures, and Pat has been there to keep me at it.

I am more of a dreamer and schemer, and Pat is a git r done person. More than once I have started something that was a great idea and then get all balled up in it, and Pat has come in and helped me get untangled. That’s what happened at The Malakoff News when I owned it. Pat came looking for a job, having never worked before. But she had had lots of experience selling things for school causes and that turned out to have been plenty experience to make her able to sell newspaper ads just fine. She did so well that a few years later Cable TV made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Somewhere along the way, she came back to the newspaper long enough to straighten things out so we could sell it. She worked for the Cedar Lake Home Health and Hospice for quite a while too. Nowadays she mainly does stuff with her grandkids. But she was still ready to get me unstuck from the website project that has been driving me crazy. Pat doesn’t know anything about websites, but as I told you, she can always get me unstuck. However, we were sort of wondering how to take the next step.

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Around the Town: Loving the greenhouse

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

It is a wonderful time to be living at the farm. The weather is mostly mild, with a little rain to make the plants happy. Some plants apparently think it is spring, because I’m looking at some huge fall hibiscus blossoms, and something that looks like a vine but doesn’t climb that is all the sudden full of bright orange flowers shaped like big clusters of great big honeysuckles. I think it is called something that has fire in its name. The blue morning glories weren’t much to brag about until about a month ago and they finally went crazy. Now I see what they were up to. The vines, ugly now, are full of seed pods. They are getting ready to plant next year’s morning glories. All of these last bursts of color are beautiful and precious, like the butterflies I see on them.

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Malakoff sets record, beats Elkhart 75-0

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

That sound you heard in Malakoff Friday night was the Tiger offense exploding.

The Tigers finished the regular season at home with a 75-0 beatdown of visiting Elkhart to push their record to 9-1.

Malakoff football historian Benny Rogers said the Tigers set a school record for single-game scoring (previous high of 73) and have won 16 straight home games.

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