Around the Town: When good things come through the mail

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

My new oilcloth tablecloth came in the mail. Two yards of it, cut from the bolt, it is bright red with vivid pictures of fruit all over it. It doesn’t match my sedate moss green kitchen cabinets, but I love it. It brings back some kind of childhood memories, though I can’t exactly remember what they are. I don’t think Mama had one, but I must have seen them in other country homes we visited, welcomed into tidy, sparsely furnished kitchens, brightened by a cheery oilcloth tablecloth.

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Eight observations as Malakoff edges Rusk, 29-27

(Michael V. Hannigan photo)

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

MALAKOFF — Interview as many football coaches as I have and you will eventually hear that games, especially close games, come down to a handful of plays. Those plays can happen at anytime, on offense, defense or special teams and you never know which plays are the crucial ones until the game is over.

Friday night, that truism came to life in Malakoff.

Malakoff takes lead on Zee Bailey TD run. Miller run good. Drive set up by Ethan Snow INT .. 15-7 Malakoff .. 2Q 2:38

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In the second quarter, Malakoff’s Ethan Snow intercepted Rusk quarterback Andreas Garrett and the Tigers took the ball down the field and scored on a Zee Bailey run. On the ensuing PAT kick attempt, Rusk was called for a penalty and the ball was moved to the 1 yard line. Malakoff Coach Jamie Driskell immediately sent his offense back out for a 2-pt attempt, which Judd Miller converted running up the middle.

That was one of those plays. Because of that second quarter 2-pt conversion, Rusk was down 2 after scoring a touchdown with just 20 seconds left in the game. The Eagles had to try for the 2-pt attempt and failed.

Final score: Malakoff 29 – Rusk 27.

Which goes to show you, there’s a reason coaches say the things they say.

Here are some of my other observations from the sidelines in Malakoff Friday night:

– The Tiger defense came up big against a very good Rusk offense. There were five times throughout the game that Rusk had the ball inside the Malakoff 30 yard line and the Tigers turned them back.

– In addition to Ethan Snow’s pick, the Tigers got interceptions from Zee Bailey and Iverson Sparks. Sparks took his to the end zone, but it was called back for an illegal block on the return.

– Speaking of Sparks, he laid a hit on a Rusk receiver in the third quarter that brought the Malakoff crowd to life with one, massive “Ohhhhhhhh.” It was a perfect form tackle, just the way they teach.

– The Malakoff offense got moving in the fourth quarter behind a physical running attack, led by Judd Miller, Zee Bailey and R.J. Carr. Miller scored two rushing touchdowns in the fourth, including a 10-yard run where the Rusk defense had him at the 3, but he refused to go down.

– You might have noticed Zee Bailey’s name all over this column. That’s because he was all over the game and was a vital component on both offense and defense for the Tigers.

– The first touchdown of the night for Malakoff came on a wide receiver screen to Jaquaylon Hart. Hart is another one of those players who had a big game on both sides of the ball.

Malakoff ties it up as Jaquaylon Hart took a WR screen to the house. 7-7 1Q 7:05.

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– Sometimes it is hard to see a coach’s influence on the game unless you are part of the inner circle and have actually seen the game plan, but there were some overt coaching decisions tonight. First, you could see Malakoff wanted to keep their players as rested as possible, so from the very start of the game players were rotating in and out on almost every play. Then there was Driskell’s decision to go for 2 in the second quarter. Finally, the decision to pound the running game in the fourth quarter. All three moves were key in a close game.

– Finally, Malakoff basketball and cross country coaching legend DeArtis “The Dean” Nickerson was at the game. That doesn’t have anything to do with the football game, but Coach Nick is worth mentioning whenever I see him.

Malakoff coaching legend DeArtis "The Dean" Nickerson was at Friday night's game.

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Malakoff gets ready for speed as Rusk set to visit

Coach Jamie Driskell talks to his team during the preseason. (Michael V. Hannigan photo)

(Listen to our podcast with Coach Jamie Driskell above.)

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

The Malakoff Tigers (1-0) stumbled a couple of times last week on the way to beating Bullard, 48-34, on the road. The Tigers will have to be better this week if they want another win when they play their home opener against Rusk.

Rusk (1-0) torched Center 48-21 to open its season last week.

The Eagles had two players combined for more than 370 yards rushing in their opener.

“The quarterback can really run,” said Malakoff Coach Jamie Driskell, “he’s just a really good athlete. And their running back can really run. They’ve got some speed on the outside with their receivers. We’ve got a challenge ahead of us and it’s a good challenge.”

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PODCAST: Coach Driskell talks about Kerens, Sunnyvale scrimmages

Interview with Malakoff High School Coach Jamie Driskell. (8-23)


– Review from last week’s scrimmage against Kerens.
– The “dog days” of summer have arrived.
– Senior class may be small in numbers, but big on leadership.
– Ready to get into the normal flow of the football season.

QUOTABLE: “It’s that week where everybody is ready to get it over with, because you’re ready to game plan. The kids are really ready to get in the routine of things. We’re not in the routine of our game plan yet.”

That flying squirrel did not break my new refrigerator

Posted by Around the Town on Saturday, August 19, 2017

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

That flying squirrel did not break my new refrigerator. No way. But due to some of my previous run-ins with nature’s creatures, maybe you could forgive me for taking a minute to wonder.

I have never been one for throwing money around. I live in a little old house that I moved to my portion of the family farm and fixed up. Then I furnished it with used furniture. I totally love it. It reminds me of the house where I was born right across the road from here. But I don’t want my kitchen to look like Mama’s. I like stainless steel appliances, and in particular, I love a huge wonderful refrigerator/freezer that looks like the refrigerated section of a fancy grocery store inside, but no way could I stand to part with cost of a new one of those.

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