Around the Town: Searching for the first wild violet

Note: I meant to send you breaking news last week–I had just discovered the wild violets were out. But now it is old news, because last week when I thought I hit SEND I must have hit SAVE DRAFT. At least that is where I found my column, but by then I was too late. Sorry about that. — Loretta

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I was sitting here trying to think of something new to tell you. Then it hit me that maybe I should report on the progress of spring at the farm. I knew it was getting close because last week I put on a dress and wore it all day.

Last summer I told you everybody, even men, should be wearing comfortable dresses. Nothing else is as comfortable or practical as a dress in the summer. Then winter came, and I dug out baggy pants and sweaters, and forgot what a dress was. But last week I put one on and it felt great. That was my first clue that spring was nearly here. And I knew exactly where to look to find out for sure.

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Around the Town: Big sale doesn’t stop visit to the art show

Loretta (center) gets hugs from her artist besties, Celene Terry and Cristi Barrett at the Star Harbor Water Color Society Sale. (Courtesy photo)

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

This is going to be short. The main thing I thought of last week was that sale. The sale I shamelessly used my last column to advertise in order to raise a lot of money so we can send two granddaughters to Ireland in May. I have pushed you and my publishers to the limit on that subject, so even though that is still mostly what I’m thinking about, I had better find something else to talk about.

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Around the Town: Big sale you do not want to miss

Taegan and Laken.

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I have got to make this interesting, because I really need you to read it all. I need you to understand my problems. You see I’ve got a granddaughter who is trying to get to Ireland. No, I take that back. I now have two granddaughters who are trying to get to Ireland. This is the trip Taegan Allen’s Honors class has organized. Her sister Laken was excited about helping Taegan plan for her trip, but got even more excited when she found out she could go too for nearly the same price as Taegan. Then they found a way they could spend 13 more days for very little more money and get to see a whole lot more, staying with friends. This is a very big deal for them. And I don’t mind helping out with the expense, but I don’t want to go bankrupt getting them there.

I need to keep your interest a little bit longer until I can explain what I am up to here. Okay. How about this … I’m going to tell you a secret that haunts the entire Humble family. It is this: We don’t get rid of stuff. We just store it. We are candidates for a TV show. Some would say we are appropriate for American Pickers. Others might suggest Hoarders.

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Tree planted in memory of MMS teacher Cindy Bullock

Friday, there was a tree planted at Malakoff Middle School in memory of Cindy Bullock. Mrs. Bullock was a teacher at Malakoff Middle School for many years. Pictured are Mr. Ken Andrews, former students of Mrs. Bullock, staff members at Malakoff Middle School, Mrs. Quintin Watkins, the Principal of Malakoff Middle School, Coach DeArtis Nickerson, School Board member Mr. Mike Monroe, and Mr. Charlie Bullock. The district would like to thank Mr. Ken Andrews for providing the tree that was planted. (Courtesy photo)