CCL Kiwanis Club recognized at District Convention

Pictured, from left, are DeAnna Browning, Marty Mullins, and Allsion Greenville. (Courtesy photo)

Press release

Members of the Cedar Creek Lake Kiwanis Club recently returned from the 99th Annual Texas–Oklahoma District Convention held in Abilene, Texas. The following members attended Marty Mullins, Allison Greenville, and DeAnna Browning. The same served as voting delegates.

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Special needs cheerleaders raising money for uniforms

Press release

The East Texas Twisters is a competitive cheerleading organization. This year, they had the opportunity to add a special needs team to the group. The team name is SuperStorm.

These children range from 3-14 and there are currently 12 members on the team. Most are from Henderson County with a few from Van Zandt County.

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Ham Radio club’s Field Day is a record setter

Old and new members learned how to build a portable antenna to be used for “fox hunting.” (Courtesy photo)

Press release

The last full weekend of June every year is called Field Day for ham radio operators around the world. It is a challenge to individuals and groups to get outside of their own ham shacks and demonstrate that they can operate their equipment for 24 continuous hours. And do it on emergency power and contact as many other stations as possible.

That challenge was answered by the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club. Their operation at their new club station at the Gun Barrel City Fire Department was a way of testing the equipment and antennas and people.

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Masonic youth recognized at state conference

Press release

The Gun Barrel City Masonic Youth Rainbow Girls attended their annual state conference in Waco, Texas, June 22-25. The Gun Barrel City Assembly was recognized for participating in Boxtops for Education, donating pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, and for their many hours of service.

Carrie Currey performed wonderfully as Sister of Victory on the Grand Cross of Color Degree Team. Samantha Ramos earned her proficiency certificates; and four girls, as well as their Mother Advisor, participated in the ritualistic lectures and assembly room set-up competitions. Tara Trimmins was recognized for her 7 years of membership in Rainbow, Samantha Ramos and Emily Currey for their 4-year memberships, and Katie Schaefer for her 3-year membership. Tara and Katie took part as Musician and Outer Observer, respectively, in the Memorial Service. During Grand Assembly sessions, Samantha and Katie served as Grand Guards, Tara served as a Grand Page, and Laura Walters sang in the Grand Choir. The Assembly was delighted when the following appointments were announced: Samantha Ramos as Grand Representative to Colorado and Kansas and Tara Trimmins as Grand Representative to New York and Pennsylvania. For fun events, the girls were treated to an evening at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park in Waco in addition to a dance at the Convention Center, with music and refreshments, to which members of the Masonic Youth DeMolay boys’ organization were also invited to attend.

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Eastern Star and Masonic Youth Rainbow Girls install officers

Pictured from left: Emily Currey, Carrie Currey, Samantha Ramos, Ms. Michelle Sanderford, Mr. Chad Pate, Tara Trimmins, Katie Schaefer and Laura Walters. (Courtesy photo)

Press release

The Gun Barrel City Masonic Youth Rainbow Girls installed new officers on June 17. Samantha Ramos was installed as Worthy Advisor. Her motto is “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails–Elizabeth Edwards”; colors are blue and white; the flower is the white rose; mascot is the hippo; and her scripture is “God will carry you through the storm.”–Isaiah 43:2. The following officers were also installed: Katie Schaefer (Worthy Associate Advisor), Emily Currey (Charity), Tara Trimmins (Faith), and Laura Walters (Religion). Samantha’s grandfather, Eddie Tracy, is Rainbow Dad, and Mrs. Tonya Currey serves as Mother Advisor.

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