Teacher of Year says trust is key to a great classroom

Toni Garrard Clay/AISD
Athens ISD’s Secondary and Elementary Teachers of the Year are, respectively, Dallas Robertson and Brenda Meyer. Robertson teaches freshman U.S. history and is the head baseball coach and head freshman football coach at Athens High School. Meyer teaches third-grade math and science at Central Athens Elementary. Both are wonderful examples to their students and colleagues at AISD.

By Toni Garrard Clay/AISD Communications Coordinator

If you walk into Brenda Meyer’s classroom at Central Athens Elementary, you might find yourself in Candyland or in an “escape room” or under blacklights. Her students adore the room transformations so much, they hardly notice they’re learning new math concepts or reading comprehension skills — and the children aren’t the only ones having a good time.

“I love it,” said Meyer, the corners of her eyes crinkling with a smile. “My motto in the room is work hard; play hard. I build relationships with my students to make them want to do the work. But they’re kids, and they need the play part in order to be more enthusiastic about the work part.”

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Body of missing woman found in Athens

Diana Musella

Press release

The body of a woman reported missing last month has been found in a partially secluded location in Athens.

On August 8, 2018, Diana Lynn Musella, 75, of Athens, called her sister and said that she had become lost while driving. Musella stated that her car had somehow become disabled and that she was disoriented and unable to provide her location. After several attempts to locate Musella herself, her sister contacted law enforcement.

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The reasons why the City of Athens is facing a tight budget

By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

The Athens City Council is expected to vote on the proposed budget and tax rate for the 2019 fiscal year Monday night.

The tax rate will stay the same as last year. That part was easy for the council.

City officials have been clear that the budgeting side of the equation hasn’t been as easy this cycle.

“We have a unique budget,” Mayor Monte Montgomery said recently. “It is really tight. We’ve had to really tighten our belts.”

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Opinion: The City of Athens needs a plan

By Michael Hannigan/HCN

The Athens City Council is facing tough decisions during a very tight budget year, according to officials.

There are a number of reasons the City finds itself in this place, but I have written about Athens city government off and on for more than 20 years and I believe there is one overriding issue. Our leaders and our citizens have never agreed on where we are going. There is no unifying vision on any level.

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12 Observations from the Hornets 42-29 loss to Brownsboro

By Michael V. Hannigan/HC

Brownsboro beat Athens, 42-29, in Friday night’s season opener that was marred by mistakes, penalties and turnovers from both teams.

The win sends the Highway 31 Champions trophy east to reside in Brownsboro until the next time the two teams face off.

Here are 12 observations from the the game.

— It’s hard to really get the rivalry vibe going for the first game of the season. It seems to take the fans a couple of weeks to really get into the swing of things. But the folks from Brownsboro and Athens did a pretty good job Friday night with a nice crowd showing up to kick off the season.

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