City of Athens asks for help ending vandalism

Press release

When they hear the word “vandalism,” most people immediately think of graffiti, but there are many other forms of vandalism, and they are all a detriment to society.

Graffiti is a common form of vandalism and is sometimes mistaken for urban street art. The difference between the two is that street artists have permission to paint from the property owner. Graffiti vandalism is done without permission and is often inappropriate. It can be very expensive to get rid of graffiti. It is also time-consuming to remove and people have much better things to do than repaint over and try to wash off graffiti. If urban art is what you’re into, you’ll need to practice on your own property.

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Around the Town: Anding Acres

By Loretta Humble/Around the Town

I was heading out to visit Cheryl Kutscherousky at Country Oaks Golf Course near Cross Roads the other day, when I turned stopped and turned around. I’d seen on Facebook that my kinfolk, Lisa and Wesley Anding, were up to something new at their amazing Anding Acres which is right across the road from me. I figured this was a good time to check them out, as there was no way I would walk there. It seems like it would be close to my house, but they have created a world where it seems miles away. I entered their gate and felt like I was somewhere else. You take this really long winding road where you see nothing but woods, cross a bridge, and start feeling like you’ve gone a couple of miles, and for all I know maybe you have, the way that road winds, before you get to their big wedding barn. I’ve written about it before, and you can see about it online. But I was looking for something else, and I saw no sign of it.

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Casting call for Kadie Lynn music video

Nationally-known singer Kadie Lynn, a finalist from NBC’s America’s Got Talent, is coming to The Henderson County Performing Arts Center in Athens, Texas to shoot a part in an upcoming national music video. Volunteer actors who would like to dress up and appear in the video are invited to apply.

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Obituary: Deloise Louise Adams Howard

Deloise Louise Adams Howard, age 62, passed away Tuesday, July 24, 2018 in Herndon, Virginia. A native of Athens, Texas, she was born July 4th, 1956 to the late Jack and Mae Catherine Adams. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her brother, Alvin Adams.

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