Athens Hornets hold intrasquad scrimmage

Big completion for a first down. #intrasquadscrimmage

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By Michael V. Hannigan/HCN

It is really early and Athens was only in pads for the second day, but here are five thoughts from the Hornets’ intrasquad scrimmage held Saturday morning at Bruce Field.

1. I heard that the Hornets were going to roll with a new offense this year, but seeing is believing … and I believe. Quarterback Xavius Fulton went 3-4 during the scrimmage’s opening drive, which ended in a touchdown. That’s more passing in one series than we’ve seen in some games. You’ll even see Athens in the shotgun at times this season.

2. TE Rowdy Godwin has some nice hands.

3. I have to give kudos to Coach Paul Essary and the rest of the Hornet coaching staff for knowing when to change. It had to be hard to leave an offense that has brought so much success to Athens, but the makeup of this team is different than it has been in the past. The 2017 Hornets are very talented, but in a different way than the 2015 team and smart coaches adapt to their players.

4. One thing that won’t change is the physical nature of the Hornets. Athens is still going to hit, and hit hard.

5. BOLD PREDICTION: Bruce Field is now something special and even though there hasn’t been a game held there yet, I’m going to predict that Hornet fans are going to most love …. the new bathrooms!

6. BONUS THOUGHT: The cheerleaders and bell guard looked in midseason form this morning during photos. Hornet Nation is in good hands on the sidelines.

Athens putting the ball in the air. #intrasquadscrimmage

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