Henderson County Now provides news and events to facilitate community connections and is brought to you by Weinstein Law, Uncle Fletch and Weinstein Real Estate.

Our main outreach is through social media and most of our posts can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our publisher is Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law and our editor is Michael Hannigan. HCN is Henderson County’s most popular Facebook information site, receiving more than 30,000 unique visitors per week. Please join our friends in keeping up with event information and photographs from around the county.

Our full-time information source, Michael Hannigan, is an award-winning journalist with 20 years of experience in our community. This free online information service was created by Michael and local lawyer Jeff Weinstein. Our hope is to provide the community with the best relevant information from each and every news source… so we freely share stories from the Review, the Tyler Paper, The Malakoff News, The Monitor, The Chandler paper, and any other source that fits, making sure to link back to their site/give them credit. They are all doing good work .. we just try and bring it together in one spot for you.

Henderson County Now was developed with CONVERSATION in mind … we want to be the place where Henderson County comes to talk … so Facebook and social media isn’t just a part of our strategy, it is who we are.